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Throw one down BEFORE you even start.


Bonded and reinforced layers of chemically-inert polypropylene allow liquids to be quickly absorbed and retained within the material to easily and neatly contain aggressive spills and leaks.

Shop Mats and Rolls

Engineered to rapidly absorb water, oil, gasoline and diesel fuels, coolants, solvents and all sorts of petroleum and water-based fluids, Kinetix® industrial-grade spill containment products effectively control liquid spills common in the garage, the shop and on the factory floor.

Shop Mats

15" x 19" Shop Mats are great for around the shop or garage to throw under your equipment before maintenance or to clean up a spill. Shop Mats are available in a 20 Mat Dispenser Pack (shown), 100 Mat Bulk Packs and Master Packs containing 6 Shop Packs.


Shop Rolls

Individually packaged for single use and retail sales Shop Rolls come in 15" x 60" rolls perforated every 10". Also available in Master Packs containing 14 rolls.

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